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Denture Appointment Scheduling

Below is a quick reference for scheduling denture appointments with procedures and in-between lab timelines.

  1. Preliminary Impressions
    • Lab work (on own): Impressions need to be poured up in microstone and custom trays fabricated
    • Earliest next appointment: following day (if possible)
  2. Border Molding/Final Impressions
    • Lab work (on own): Final impressions need to be poured in Die-Keen and wax rims fabricated
    • Earliest next appointment: following day (if possible)
  3. Wax Rims/Occlusal Records
    • Lab work (sent off-site): Wax rims need to be mounted and tooth moulds chosen
    • Earliest next appointment: 5 working days
  4. Esthetic Try-in
    • Lab work (sent off-site): Posterior palatal seal needs to be carved and remount jig fabricated
    • Earliest next appointment: 6 working days
  5. Insertion/Delivery
    • Lab work (during appointment): Clinical remount
    • Earliest next appointment: 24-hour check should be scheduled for next day
  6. 24-hour Check
    • Lab work: none
    • Earliest next appointment: a 1-week and 1-month check is recommended and additional appointments should be scheduled as needed for adjustments