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Competencies at Healthy Smiles

During your Healthy Smiles rotation, you will be expected to complete six competencies. Two are clinical and four are written. The written competencies will be completed together, as a cohort, on the Friday of your second week. The other two are completed at the appropriate time (listed below).

The competencies and their overview forms are below:

  1. Restorative (written)
  2. Special Needs (written)
  3. Space Management (written)
  4. Pulp Therapy (written)
  5. Preventative Care (clinical)
  6. Infant Oral Health/Cavity Free at Three (clinical)

The written competencies are case-based and it is expected that you study to be prepared for them. Below are the suggested reading materials:

    1. Restorative
    2. Special Needs
    3. Space Management
    4. Pulp Therapy

  The clinical competencies are done in either the Healthy Smiles Clinic or in the "main" clinic during your "Cavity Free at Three" (CFAT) rotation. After performing the competency, you must fill out the competency form with a self-evaluation. More information on each competency can be found below:     

               5. Preventative Care

You must inform either Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Wilson, or the attending pediatric dentist before challenging your Preventative Care competency and they will have be the one to do the final check. Your competency must be performed on a "recall" patient who requires radiographs

          6. Infant Oral Health Exam

You will spend a full day on your "Cavity Free at Three" (CFAT) rotation. The morning will start with observation, but you will slowly be eased into performing the appointment. Each appointment consists of counseling, a knee-to-knee exam and a brush/prophy. Your competency will be one of the first appointments in the afternoon.