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If you're just getting started investigating whether or not dentistry is the right career for you, Colorado ASDA can ELEVATE your application!


Predental Resources

Being a predental member of ASDA comes with plenty of benefits and resources on both the local and national levels. We have tried to make our resources comprehensive, easy to read, and convenient by compiling them here. At Colorado ASDA, we encourage all predental students to Join ASDA , which offers the opportunity to enter a strong network of future dentists. Through ASDA, you can be involved in national events, including but not limited to National Leadership Conference (Chicago, IL), Annual Session (Pittsburgh 2019), and Lobby Day (Washington DC). ELEVATE your application!

  • Predental membership is open to any undergraduate, high school student or individual pursuing dentistry as a career (must reside in the United States).

  • Foreign-trained dentists living in the U.S. who will be applying to dental school to become licensed in the U.S. should also choose this category.

  • Predental membership dues are $68.

  • View a complete list of member benefits .

At Colorado ASDA, we offer several discounts to our national ASDA members (beginning summer 2018): $20 off our Summer Predental Academy admission, $10 off Predental Day admission, and $15 off Predental Conference admission ($45 value). Instructions for obtaining your refund(s) can be found on each respective event’s registration page (see Events).

Looking to start an ASDA Predental Chapter at your college or university? Click HERE . Reach out to us at for assistance – we’ll be happy to take a road trip to your chapter to help with chartering!

Lastly, check out Predental Events on our calendar! If you'd like to learn more, read above and email us at!